Camper is Complete


It turns out that I don’t like camping. Well, I wouldn’t say that I don’t like it, since we only did it once. And since it was at our local pool club, where we were 1/4 mile from home, and had electric/bathrooms/kitchen/pool/firepit right there, I’m not sure it really even counts.

We actually had a really great time, we just weren’t using it. So after paying for storage, moving around our driveway, lawn etc. for three years, we finally sold it. I was sad, but I’m happy that she now has a new owner who will enjoy her. BEFORE pics are here. I hope you like the finished product…

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Hello Again!

Well, it’s been THREE years since I have posted anything on this site. I swear, it is not for lack of me working on projects.

As I look through my old posts, I realize that I did not post photos on some of our finished projects. I will start there. I hope that you don’t mind me bombarding you with a bunch of photos in the coming days. I’m actually on a tight deadline to get this blog updated!

After years of LittlePinkToolbox discussions at work, one of my favorite projects is going to be published in Hartford Magazine this month. Our magazine editor, Nancy Schoeffler, included my blog’s website in the article. Since the magazine is scheduled to be shipped to our office tomorrow, I guess I have less than 24 hours to get moving…