Patchy Backpacks


I know, I’m probably the worst blogger on earth. And I know, this is the worst post ever to come back with after 4 months off! (BTW, it’s not that I haven’t been doing anything. The camper is done, and the house in NH is almost done…so stayed tuned for some fun pics and projects coming up!).

So I’ve never done patches before. But this year the boys started to give me their opinions on their backpacks, yikes! I shouldn’t have asked them WHICH Pottery Barn Kids one that they wanted, because they didn’t want any of them! What? Who doesn’t want a perfectly monogrammed Pottery Barn Kids backpack? Not even the Star Wars ones, with all the matching containers??? OMG! NOOOOOOO!&%$%&$@!# Eli wanted Deadpool. Nolan wanted Pokémon. Sigh. So a quick trip to ebay for a $5 patch allowed us both (probably more me) to get what we wanted. And they loved them! So, iron-on patches are totally my new favorite thing.

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Jameson’s GO Desk


Well, it’s been two months since I’ve posted anything. But that’s NOT because I/we haven’t been doing anything. I’m just too tired at night to write a blog. We’ve been in NH almost every weekend, working and enjoying. It’s a slow process since we can only go on weekends, and mainly only work with the kids are sleeping. But it’s looking great, and I’ll post some pictures soon.

Jameson had been asking for months for a desk for his GO office. Once he took measurements, I whipped it out pretty fast. As you can tell from the photos, it didn’t really look all that great until Jameson put the finishing touches on it! It turned out to be so big that we had to rent a UHaul to get it to his space, thanks to Cheshire for helping J unload it.

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A-Frame Family Fun

FullSizeRenderHere’s our new (second) home! Investment, really. But we’ll have some fun in the meantime! Jameson keeps telling me not to get too attached because it’s an investment (he’s been married to me long enough to know that I was attached before we even made an offer!). We have been looking for a small lakehouse near skiing for a very long time. We looked around CT, in NY, in MA, RI, VT, NJ, everywhere! Thank goodness for patient children who don’t mind crazy last minute car ride adventures out of state!

After multiple offers (and multiple heartbreaks, for me) we are the proud new owners of an A-Frame lakehouse in Antrim, New Hampshire! I guess all things happen (or don’t happen) for a reason. We are about 20 minutes past Keene, NH, and about 30 minutes from Concord. We were originally looking in the Sunapee Lakes Region, but on a 2nd trip to that area, Jameson came across this little A-frame house that he wanted to see on the way up. Thankfully the listing agent let us in with just a few hours notice. I bet she didn’t think we’d be the one to buy her listing! We’re still about 30 minutes from Mt. Sunapee, and we’ve had a blast checking out the restaurants and the three nearby ski mountains over the last month!

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