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About Me

I’m Emily Jo, a 37 year-old mother of two, living in Avon, Connecticut. I have a fabulous husband, Jameson, and together we have our boys, Elijah (7) and Nolan (4). We have a 11 year-old goldendoodle, Berra, and we recently adopted a 1 year-old cat named Kismet after our beloved Yogi passed away last year. Tonka (dog #2) also joined our family last summer! I’ve attempted to get many other animals (I want a horse), all of which have been nixed by Jameson or the town of Avon.

Childhood: I grew up 3 miles outside Crooks, SD, a small rural town close to Sioux Falls (last paved Main street in the United States, population approx 1200, maybe 800 when I left!). I went to Tri-Valley School, which literally sits in the middle of a cornfield (3 towns, together in one-school, K-12, graduating class of 69 students). I have two brothers, Ryan and Joey, 2 nieces, a nephew, and probably the most amazing parents on earth. I attended South Dakota State University where I ran track and cross-country.

Work: I moved to Connecticut right out of college to begin an internship with the Hartford Advocate (playbill division).  I owned a microwave and about 100 pair of shoes. 14 years later, I’m still with the same company, now called Hartford Courant Media Group. And for some reason I still have that stupid microwave!

Likes: Every second with my family, candy, fountain Coke, Agave cheesecake, vanilla cupcakes from grocery stores (I could eat a 6-pack a day, often do), most things fried, Taco John’s meat and potato burrito, minivans, all HGTV shows except Property Virgins because it sucks (though I don’t watch much TV), anything and everything to do with Twilight, gambling, and shopping!

Dislikes: paper clips, traffic, people who honk, tomatoes, dark chocolate (people who say they do are lying), folding laundry, putting away laundry, carrying laundry upstairs.

Hobbies: running (marathoner just once, state champion in the 10th grade/2 mile, and a 2-Time All-American in the 800M run in college), snowboarding (have never put on a pair of skis), kayaking (I own a purple one!), shopping, baking, scrapbooking, projects and building. I don’t do as much of this as I used to post-kids, but I still love them nonetheless!

Personality: CRAZY. Is there a drug for that? Someone (I won’t mention any names) recently told me that people can only handle me in small doses. Yeah, I get it. I very rarely just relax,veg-out, watch TV… wish I could…there’s just too many things to do in a day, and two kids to chase around! But seriously, I think I’m a positive, happy person, and I truly believe that I am one of the luckiest women on the face of this earth.

Inspiration: All of my family, but especially my mother. She can do everything I do, plus so much more, and so much better. She just doesn’t write about it! I did crafts/projects with her growing up, she always included me and my brothers. I didn’t realize until I was an adult how much I was like her. She’s amazing. Both of my brothers are the same way. Ryan, my oldest, builds/finishes cabinets (and will do our kitchen someday) among many other things. My youngest, Joey, is out in Alaska building roads (and he can do much more than that as well, he finished our basement!). I often fly them out to help me, as it’s cheaper to do that than pay someone out here! My dad is the best dad in the world, however he sort of gave up on this kind of stuff. It’s tough to keep up with my mom. He’s been working on carving the same duck for 30 years, which has become our family joke! He’s such a great cow farmer though :) My kids, husband and in-laws are also great, always encouraging me, giving me ideas and helping when they can! Eli is a big-time LEGO builder. Nolan is such a good little helper, and Jameson is the best painter/sander I know. I am a very fortunate woman!

And just for the heck of it, my current song/video obsessions are:

Everything Gaga. Went to her concert, didn’t even know her songs (so I thought) but she was FABULOUS!

Taylor Swift – Shake It Off, love, love, love!

I love you, Miley Cyrus – Wrecking Ball

Robin Thicke – Blurred Lines, I didn’t like this at first, it has grown on me! Sorry, this is the porn-ish version.

Michael Franti – Life is Better with You

Christina Perri – Thousand Years  Oh, Edward…

The Lumineers –  New Untitled Song – Duet

The Head and the Heart – Lost in my Mind

Walk off the Earth – Somebody that I used to Know

Lenka – Everything’s Okay

Pink – Just Give me a Reason