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Spooky Snacks


image (1)We had our 1st Annual Briarcliff Swim Club Halloween Parade yesterday. It was perfect weather, and a big success! I whipped up a few fun, easy snacks, with the help of the kiddos.

1. Eyeball Cupcakes – I baked mini cupcakes, and frosted them a smooth white. I don’t REALLY bake, I just use boxed cake and store bought frosting, just so you know. No time for the real stuff! I used red gel for some blood-shot eyes, then some lime green Gummy Life Savers and brown Reeses Pieces for the iris and pupil. They were quite cute.

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Grave Digger B-Day Bash

Camera Aug-Sept 2013 116I promise, this is the last baking one for a while! Birthday parties are over until next summer, and I have some big basement plans coming up…

Poor lil’ Nolan, he gets the shaft on decorations for his birthday, since it’s two months after Eli’s. I’m usually tired of doing banners and cakes by this time. We still did a few cool things, though. I guess age 3 is the year that kids start picking their own ‘theme’, because he chose Monster Trucks/Grave Digger. Excellent, because I already had a t-shirt from our spring break trip to OBX, where we toured Grave Digger’s garage. So I didn’t even need to purchase a coordinating outfit, which I’ll admit, I typically do. Continue reading

Lego Birthday Party

finished cupcakes!

Happy Birthday Elijah! My biggest little boy is 6 years old, how time flies…

This year we did a LEGO theme. This one was probably my favorite theme yet (some day I’ll post past years). Supposedly age 7 is going to be Sponge Bob, I have a year to change his mind on that one :) If not, at least I got to enjoy picking out his first 5 years!

We did so many fun things this year. Both Eli and Nolan helped on almost everything. I should probably do multiple posts for these, but figured nobody wants to read about LEGO ideas for an entire month. Instead, I posted pics after each little blurb so you can keep up with the pics.  Apologies for it being so long, there was a lot to write about. Enjoy!

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