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Camper is Complete


It turns out that I don’t like camping. Well, I wouldn’t say that I don’t like it, since we only did it once. And since it was at our local pool club, where we were 1/4 mile from home, and had electric/bathrooms/kitchen/pool/firepit right there, I’m not sure it really even counts.

We actually had a really great time, we just weren’t using it. So after paying for storage, moving around our driveway, lawn etc. for three years, we finally sold it. I was sad, but I’m happy that she now has a new owner who will enjoy her. BEFORE pics are here. I hope you like the finished product…

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Vintage 1977 Travelmate Camper


Next up! Vintage Camper-Round 2. Assuming this one doesn’t get hit by a tree, it’s going to be fabulous. It’s a little bit cuter to start due to the fact that it’s not camo, however it will still be painted. I love her because she was born the year I was. She came from Kent, CT. And I think (hope) that I can just do some facial fixes this time since the previous owner fixed the leaks. We just bought her last week, so here are the ‘before’ pictures. Let the fun begin!

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