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Patchy Backpacks


I know, I’m probably the worst blogger on earth. And I know, this is the worst post ever to come back with after 4 months off! (BTW, it’s not that I haven’t been doing anything. The camper is done, and the house in NH is almost done…so stayed tuned for some fun pics and projects coming up!).

So I’ve never done patches before. But this year the boys started to give me their opinions on their backpacks, yikes! I shouldn’t have asked them WHICH Pottery Barn Kids one that they wanted, because they didn’t want any of them! What? Who doesn’t want a perfectly monogrammed Pottery Barn Kids backpack? Not even the Star Wars ones, with all the matching containers??? OMG! NOOOOOOO!&%$%&$@!# Eli wanted Deadpool. Nolan wanted Pokémon. Sigh. So a quick trip to ebay for a $5 patch allowed us both (probably more me) to get what we wanted. And they loved them! So, iron-on patches are totally my new favorite thing.

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Crayon Wreath


Gosh I’m horrible lately at posting! And I forgot to take a final picture of this hanging before I gave them out. I’ve done a few other Christmas projects, but I can’t post them because certain people can’t see before Christmas! This one isn’t all that unique,  it’s all over Pinterest. But we wanted to make something cool for the teachers for Christmas. Don’t worry (Jen), we still always give them gift cards too! You’ll get a kick out of the last picture here, which is a little quote from teachers.

This was pretty simple. I used a foam wreath (next time I would use a flat/wood wreath), wrapped in red ribbon, then hot glued crayons on (approx. 150). The kids helped pick out which colors would go next, and I used a bowl in the middle (which didn’t work very well) to keep the crayons in a somewhat circular pattern. I hot glued a bow to the top, and that was it. Super cute!

PS- not sure if I said this or not…the camper is done, except the floors, wheels, and a few minor details. We didn’t get a chance to camp before it got cold, so figured we would wait to put the those things in so they didn’t just sit all winter…

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Halloween Crayons


Halloween crayon

Okay, so this is a little bit of a #ThrowBackThursday. I’ve (we’ve = Jameson and the kiddos too!) have been working mostly on the camper. So I don’t have a lot of new things to post since I want to wait until the end to post those. I thought since it was Halloween, I’d pull up some old projects pre-blog period….pre-blog means that I didn’t take any photos throughout the projects! This was 5 years ago, so Nolan wasn’t even around yet.

I bought felt in 6 colors and made crayon costumes for my family for the annual Collinsville, CT, Halloween parade. They (Oma, Opa, Eli….even Jameson and our dog, Berra) were all good sports  in dressing up in coordinating costumes.

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