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Spooky Snacks


image (1)We had our 1st Annual Briarcliff Swim Club Halloween Parade yesterday. It was perfect weather, and a big success! I whipped up a few fun, easy snacks, with the help of the kiddos.

1. Eyeball Cupcakes – I baked mini cupcakes, and frosted them a smooth white. I don’t REALLY bake, I just use boxed cake and store bought frosting, just so you know. No time for the real stuff! I used red gel for some blood-shot eyes, then some lime green Gummy Life Savers and brown Reeses Pieces for the iris and pupil. They were quite cute.

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The Boss’s Birthday!


My boss’s birthday was yesterday. She was at an event on Monday, so I had the perfect opportunity to surprise her and decorate her office a bit for her Tuesday morning arrival. It didn’t take long to set up (for those of you who are thinking that I wasn’t working!), I did all of the pre-work this past weekend.

I actually had leftover fabric and homemade fabric pom-poms (for a future post) from the camper. So I guess you could say this is a sneak peak at the camper colors I’m using as well! Baby blue, teal blue, yellow, and coral…with some whimsical birds and animals thrown in for my kiddos!

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Pool Noodle Light Sabers

image (4)

Happy Birthday, Nolan! Typically I do birthday party ideas all in one post, but I loved these so much that I had to give them their own post!  So there will be a few Star Wars themed ideas coming up. I’m not gonna lie, I am not the first mom who’s done these before! I googled photos and found many versions, I just made them how I thought looked best. They were a big hit with the kids.

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