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The Junk Shop: 181 Albany Turnpike, Canton, CT 06019. I frequent this store. There are so many cool things here. Jameson knows to drive by verrrrryyyyy slowly when we pass here so I can see if there’s anything good out front!

Free Stuff: from the side of the road, the Avon dump swap, craigslist. I’m always keeping my eye out for FREE stuff that can be salvaged.

ReStore: Love this place for cool finds. And goes toward a good cause too.

Anthropologie: My MOST favorite store, but I just have to stick to the sale stuff. I mostly buy their clothes, but their home stuff, wallpaper etc. is great.

Country Living Magazine I get so many ideas from Country Living. I don’t actually use their website. I won’t allow myself to relax and read this magazine until the house is clean, or I’ve accomplished something for the day. It’s my treat to myself, and my heart skips a beat when it comes to my mailbox each month. This is 1 of 2 magazines that I actually subscribe to. The second, of course, is South Dakota Magazine.

Hartford Magazine:  For so many obvious reasons!