Chevron Easter Eggs

 Chevron Easter Eggs

YES, I used roll on white-out to create these Easter Eggs! I painted them with craft paint, which I have in about every color you could possibly imagine (at only $.99 a bottle, why not? Especially if you have kids!). I then simply rolled on the white-out to create a chevron print. That’s it. Nothing hard about that, right?

Project GO Deck


The GO deck was a beast of a project, but I had a lot of fun doing it. GO media was expanding and adding a few more offices to the back of their space. With this expansion, the landlords built them a 20×20 ft outdoor deck on the rooftop. It has a fantastic view of downtown Hartford. Chad and J invited me over for lunch one day (wait, I don’t even think they bought me lunch, come to think of it!), showed me the space, and asked if I wanted to do it. Um, YESSSSS!!!!! Not that I have time. I don’t think I slept for a month after that day! Literally.

I was awake for hours that first night, planning it out in my head. By the next day, it was all drawn up on paper (after a phone call to my mom to make sure my plan would work!). GO had two requests, 1. shade and 2. lots of seating. No other demands, which was perfect because I’m sort of a control freak when it comes to this stuff, I like to do things my way!  I think/hope that I delivered on both. Oh yes, one more thing…they wanted to enjoy the deck this season, so since it was the beginning of August, I was also on a one-month deadline! Since I have two young kids, that explains why I didn’t sleep much for the month of August last year.  Continue reading

Hello world!

A friend of mine recently told me that I should write a blog. My first reaction was “no, I can’t write”. But I do love to make stuff, and I love to talk about the stuff that I make! So why not? The very next day, I purchased and began filling it up. I’m starting out with just a few posts, but I’ve got a lot of good stuff (I think) that will hopefully keep you coming back to check out!

I love doing craft projects and baking with my kids, and I also love to build, design and repurpose! I wouldn’t say I’m particularly skilled at any one thing, but I like to play around, test things out and have fun designing rooms and creating cool stuff out of old junk! I’ve aquired a pretty nice collection of power tools over the years, thanks to my generous husband, so I’ve learned a lot by trial and error (and of course by calling my mother when I’m stumped.).

If you’re reading this, I hope you can take away a few tips from my projects, design ideas and salvage finds!

Enjoy! -Emily Jo

PS – if you are one of my fabulous writer friends or relatives, you are not allowed to judge my writing skills!

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