Hello world!

A friend of mine recently told me that I should write a blog. My first reaction was “no, I can’t write”. But I do love to make stuff, and I love to talk about the stuff that I make! So why not? The very next day, I purchased littlepinktoolbox.com and began filling it up. I’m starting out with just a few posts, but I’ve got a lot of good stuff (I think) that will hopefully keep you coming back to check out!

I love doing craft projects and baking with my kids, and I also love to build, design and repurpose! I wouldn’t say I’m particularly skilled at any one thing, but I like to play around, test things out and have fun designing rooms and creating cool stuff out of old junk! I’ve aquired a pretty nice collection of power tools over the years, thanks to my generous husband, so I’ve learned a lot by trial and error (and of course by calling my mother when I’m stumped.).

If you’re reading this, I hope you can take away a few tips from my projects, design ideas and salvage finds!

Enjoy! -Emily Jo

PS – if you are one of my fabulous writer friends or relatives, you are not allowed to judge my writing skills!

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