A-Frame Family Fun

FullSizeRenderHere’s our new (second) home! Investment, really. But we’ll have some fun in the meantime! Jameson keeps telling me not to get too attached because it’s an investment (he’s been married to me long enough to know that I was attached before we even made an offer!). We have been looking for a small lakehouse near skiing for a very long time. We looked around CT, in NY, in MA, RI, VT, NJ, everywhere! Thank goodness for patient children who don’t mind crazy last minute car ride adventures out of state!

After multiple offers (and multiple heartbreaks, for me) we are the proud new owners of an A-Frame lakehouse in Antrim, New Hampshire! I guess all things happen (or don’t happen) for a reason. We are about 20 minutes past Keene, NH, and about 30 minutes from Concord. We were originally looking in the Sunapee Lakes Region, but on a 2nd trip to that area, Jameson came across this little A-frame house that he wanted to see on the way up. Thankfully the listing agent let us in with just a few hours notice. I bet she didn’t think we’d be the one to buy her listing! We’re still about 30 minutes from Mt. Sunapee, and we’ve had a blast checking out the restaurants and the three nearby ski mountains over the last month!

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Wood Pallet Christmas Tree


The second I saw one of my FB friends from high school post a photo similar to this that her husband had done, I knew I had to make one for Christmas. I couldn’t post this prior to the holiday because I made one for my mother-in-law, and she would have seen one of her presents! Jen, I’ll make you one next year :) I ended up having to use two wood pallets to get one Christmas tree, so my original plan/quantity was cut in half!!

If you have a lot of tools this is an easy project (miter saw, circular saw, nail and air gun, scroll saw). The hardest part was pulling the crates apart. I had a lot of the wood break in half, and my arms were KILLING ME from pulling out nails. Maybe I earned a little muscle with this project. Once I had my wood pieces, the project went pretty quick, just a little over an hour on the building portion.

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Crayon Wreath


Gosh I’m horrible lately at posting! And I forgot to take a final picture of this hanging before I gave them out. I’ve done a few other Christmas projects, but I can’t post them because certain people can’t see before Christmas! This one isn’t all that unique,  it’s all over Pinterest. But we wanted to make something cool for the teachers for Christmas. Don’t worry (Jen), we still always give them gift cards too! You’ll get a kick out of the last picture here, which is a little quote from teachers.

This was pretty simple. I used a foam wreath (next time I would use a flat/wood wreath), wrapped in red ribbon, then hot glued crayons on (approx. 150). The kids helped pick out which colors would go next, and I used a bowl in the middle (which didn’t work very well) to keep the crayons in a somewhat circular pattern. I hot glued a bow to the top, and that was it. Super cute!

PS- not sure if I said this or not…the camper is done, except the floors, wheels, and a few minor details. We didn’t get a chance to camp before it got cold, so figured we would wait to put the those things in so they didn’t just sit all winter…

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