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Yardstick Benches


I am so excited about this post! It’s one of my most favorite projects ever, and it’s published in the September 2018 Hartford Magazine edition. I won’t ramble on about the details of how I built them. You can check out the article if you are interested, and you’re always welcome to ask me questions.

Vintage yardsticks have become quite expensive and harder to find. If you ever decide to do something like this, here is a quick tip for you that I did not mention in the magazine article: Use filler yardsticks from local hardware stores (or better yet, strip down cheap pine boards to size). They all have slight variations in color. Place them randomly throughout on the inside. You could even paint some, rough them up etc. so that they look vintage. The inside pieces are going to get ruined as you glue them together anyway. It is such a shame to ruin all of those old yardsticks, and nobody would ever know the difference. Just save your favorite ones for the outside edges!


Oct 2015-July 2017 3108

Oct 2015-July 2017 3111

Oct 2015-July 2017 3112

Yardstick Tabletop





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